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We Won’t Just Cut Your Limbs and Branches, We’ll Make Your Trees Healthier and Safer!

Regular professional tree trimming services are essential in order to maintain the safety and aesthetic beauty of your property. Our team of skilled professionals are here to help you preserve a manicured and attractive appearance to your home or business. In addition to improving the exterior of your property, tree trimming can protect the structural integrity of the tree itself. You can actually extend the life and health of your trees by scheduling regular tree maintenance.

Our comprehensive tree care services, including professional pruning and tree trimming, ensure your trees a robust and healthy long life.

Tree Trimming

In order to determine if you need tree pruning services, answer the following questions:

  • Does your tree have diseased branches?
  • Does your tree need to be resized because it is too large?
  • Does your tree need to be thinned to allow for better growth?
  • Does your tree have low-hanging branches that prevent you from passing by?
  • Does your tree need to be designed into a specific shape?
  • Does your tree have branches damaged by a storm or any other natural tragedy?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to contact us at (636) 225-2548. We can offer you a free tree trimming estimate and take care of your tree problems in a professional and timely manner.

Benefits of Tree Trimming & Pruning

Expert tree trimming and pruning will enhance the structure, safety, health, and appearance of your trees while also reducing the chance of storm damage.

Eliminates Property Hazards

When your tree or trees are not properly cared for, it can result in dead branches falling unexpectedly and can be dangerous for you, your family and your property. Falling branches can also be a danger to your home by falling on the roof or breaking a window.

Increases Property Value

Having your trees properly trimmed and pruned allows you to have a cleaner, more kept up, front or backyard. It will also keep them healthier and grow more. If you are looking to sell your home, curb appeal is everything. Having your trees properly cared for will appeal more to prospective buyers.

More Sun Exposure

If your tree has too many branches and leaves it can decrease the amount of sun your tree gets overall. Pruning your trees will allow for more sun and air to circulate throughout the rest of the tree, which allows the tree to thrive and grow.

Ensures Proper Tree Structure

As younger trees start to grow, it’s possible one side could grow more and distort the natural form and character of your trees and shrubs. When they’re properly trimmed and pruned it can help guide the direction of the growth.. Resulting in a stronger and proper structure overall.

Reduces Insect Infection

When parts of a tree die, insects can start to invade the tree and that can only lead to more trouble. With a properly trimmed tree, you can ensure that certain insects can not create a habitat that could potentially affect the rest of the tree.

Decreases Wind Resistance

We know you love the sound of the wind moving through the trees. Trimming or Pruning creates less wind resistance, which helps wind move through your tree instead of against it. Minimizing the effects of strong winds can reduce the potential for property storm damage.