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Expert Tree Stump Grinding and Stump Removal in Greater St. Louis, MO

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Stump Grinding For Easy Removal


Are tree stumps becoming more than just an eyesore on your property?

If you have had a tree fall or have had a tree recently removed from your property there is a stump or a root ball left behind. Some homeowners will choose to leave it in place, thinking it will rot away naturally.
However, without intervention, this method can take years and often cause more problems than proactively removing the stump.

Is it worth it to grind a stump?

YES! That’s why our tree care specialists offer stump grinding –  the fastest, most ecological and cost-effective method for stump removal available by far.

Call 636-225-2548 to get your stump grinding or stump removal quote in Greater St Louis and surrounding areas.

Stump GrindingSt Louis County

Top Reasons To Remove Tree Stumps

Below are some of the common reasons why our customers in St. Louis County choose to have their tree stumps professionally removed with our stump grinding service.

Attracts Insects

Wood-boring insects like termites and carpenter ants love dead tree stumps and these destructive pests can significantly harm the other trees and plants that are in your yard.

tree stumps create hazards


Leaving a stump in your yard creates a tripping hazard, especially if it’s in an awkward area. They can also make it hard to mow your yard and even damage your lawn equipment.

Decreases Home Value

Aesthetically, a tree stump can be an eyesore, making your property look rundown or neglected. And just like trees add value to your property, unsightly stumps can decrease it.

stump removal prevents rotting

Spreads Diseases

Rotting stumps can be a magnet for harmful fungi and bacteria, which can spread to nearby trees and shrubs. These organisms can also be a serious health risk to people and pets.

remove stumps to prevent regrowth


Some stumps don’t lose their ability to sprout new growth again. These new sprouts can ruin your yard and are costly to remove, especially after their roots have already been established.

Unusable Space

Remaining tree stumps take up your usable space. Until it’s removed you can’t plant a new tree, level out your yard, build on it, extend a patio or to make it a safe area where kids can play.

Get in touch if you have tree stumps that need to be removed!